Stoic lessons in children's stories, folktales and fables.

A project by Studio Greenwoods.

The Stoics

Commitment to Virtue · Legendary Self-Mastery · Unwavering Sense of Duty · Pursuit of Inner Peace

What is STOICA?

STOICA introduces readers to Stoic philosophy through classic children's stories, folktales and fables from around the world.

The project enables all—from kids age around 8–10 to their parents and grandparents—to explore Stoicism together. From baby steps, STOICA helps readers understand, internalize and cultivate Stoic virtues and joy.

About Us

STOICA is created by the Toronto-based Studio Greenwoods. Our team is enthusiastic about the learning and sharing of Axial-Age philosophical traditions.

From the Buddhists and Taoists of Indian and Chinese antiquity to the classical philosophers of ancient Greece and Rome, we are united by our common interest in the study of their ideas and accomplishments.

We've selected stories that embody core Stoic teachings, psychological exercises and virtues that enable one to better handle daily stresses and navigate complex circumstances with grace, calm and reason.

We hope you'll enjoy the collection and we wish you success in attaining that Stoic joy and peace which we all seek and deserve!

Jim YC Lin

Project Lead
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To our families—
past and future.

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Project Assistance
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The Cardinal Virtues

Stoics pursue self-improvement, tolerance and self-discipline through cultivating these four virtues—descriptions by Massimo Pigliucci.


Prudence · Mindfulness

The ability to navigate complex situations in a logical, informed and calm manner.


Discretion · Restraint

The exercise of self-restraint and moderation in all aspects of life.


Kindness · Generosity

Treating others with fairness even when they have done wrong.


Fortitude · Strength

Not just in extraordinary circumstances, but facing daily challenges with clarity and integrity.


Let's explore Stoicism together through insightful and timeless tales from around the world.